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Friday, August 31, 2007

30 august

Some strategies in this commodifying times: like, creating ways and possibilities of invisibility; in the times of visibility where to be visible in terms of gender, class, minorities is getting more and more important, working on creating spaces more engaged with daily life sources and dissolving in them; like newspaper, radio, new spaces working with already existing spaces like schools, offices, shops… / thinking on the citizen as an author not a reader of the city / to believe that more possibilities arise from the expanding system of exchange instead of change / to think of “to cause to happen” as a tactic / to work on temporary spaces rather then situating oneself in one place and becoming “like an institution” mentally and practically / to re-imagine the value of experience rather then putting more effort on the final product and to be open to experience in the sense that it leads to other ends rather then the estimated one / to think on “the act of persuading”; what makes people come together for a certain act, that they are persuaded / a temporary negotiation for something to happen can lead to permanent acts / to work in places that don’t offer guarantee, guarantee in terms of “art spaces”, “institutions”… / to think on the relation of guest and host while thinking on knowledge production also, as the vertical hierarchy built up through production and also even in places where these issues are discussed as the lecturer and audience / to rethink on the acts that one can do as a “gift”, so what to do with the gift? / to think that art can weaken the boundaries it creates around it and around the existing systems / not to be instrumentalized in the production of product or ideas and avoiding to be perceived as a label / to imagine the space.

Two pens to work on a project...

Read and smell the poster!

Dream Team!

Welcome to the poster table!

After all a happy end!

Let me take you down / cause I’m going to / Strawberry fields / Nothing is real / And nothing to get hung about / Strawberry fields forever
John Lennon

The bag looks familiar!

Can this be a weathercock?

The group is passing by or coming to the table to join the project; you will never know...

The curious lady won't stop by and ask "what are you doing here?" which is a question that shows who is the guest who is the host.

The chairs look like they have nothing to do with the minibus.

In front of the post office where lots of words start travelling around the chair waits for the new visitor to come and tell about the wall.

Wilhemsburg's daydream... or

Truth is a dream my lord / This dream is what he only values in life my lord / It is strange but good will is what is needed for a dream my lord
Sevim Burak

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