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Friday, August 17, 2007

15 august 2007- hamburg

Welcome to the project! This is the first exciting day, but please start to read from the end "always".

Hmm imagine you have an empty minibus, what would you like to do with it?

Klein möbellager: The shiny gray table will welcome a lot of people to talk about a wall or many things at the same time. And thank you mister pink shirt man for your help, would you like to join the project at some point? See you...

Nadin: The first few rides on the bus and it always switched off the motor. Temporarily out of order! After half an hour trying we managed to get the motor started again and packed the infopanel in the car to go to the "Kleinmöbellager" in Hamburg Altona to get furniture for our "Einsatzbüro". Hilmar the man who is running it organised some furniture for us in the last few weeks. We got tables and chairs and lamps and even some tea cups and pots. Everything for free as it is part of their interest and strategy to support local neighbour help.

Can I learn your adress, we would like to send you a postcard? Thank you...

If I was there I would call 0177-5537583 and ask: "what can I do for you?"

For now the white minibus is empty. Who knows what it transform into during the project time. It can be a dream for some people to come together, buy a cheap minibus and travel around to know and to dream.

nadin: Getting started: we prepared the bus... to make it ready for our "tour" through the neighbourhood. People look at us strangely when they read "Wir bauen für Wilhelmsburg" and then they see three women in it. We had a real building company minibus with three men next to us on the road yesterday and they did not believe their eyes.

The info panel is about to be built and who knows where the trees has grown in.

Nadin: For constructing the panel we have the help of Verena, a women carpenter who knows all about wooden constructions. She made a plan of how to secure the 3 m big info panel in a free standing construction. We left her to work on it and went to the printing house to get the info panel. Mr. Lorenzen the owner of the printing house asked me if the picture on the panel is "before" or "after" the reconstruction. He must have thought we are a buidling company. I told him we manipulated the image and that its a fake. And he replied that it looks "terrible,... such a place... looks like a place for asylum seekers." He would not want to go there, he said.

Another mass. Just remember the project again and think that they just came here for building the info panel but the eye sees some other things.

This can be anywhere around the world but maybe Alfred will tell us more. What can one think to see the dead trees lying to be transformed into something else besides being a tree. The one who took the photo maybe thinks about the living tree behind or maybe the mass of the bodies of trees just look amazing.

So happy so excited; the map Nadin holds will help them to travel around more "safe", they don't have a lot of time to move around so they needed the map. What they will do in the spots they stop, the map does not tell but the neighbours will do. They are in Europa so all will work out well but but as they are in Europa a lot of surprises are waiting for them, don't ask me, wait and see...
Güneş and Nadin; hard working times in between two cars, maybe trying to find a parking spot for their minibus. The sign says: "Please don't park, move elsewhere." The wall behind them is waiting for ideas to be realized on it. But for now it looks like it is only for cars to rest in front of it and for a small plant of green to grow near.

The weather feels hot but looks like rainy. Maybe it is cause of the quality of the camera or maybe there is no sunshine, anyway a happy photo. Nadin with a teapot, Güneş embracing herself and Özge with a question or an answer in her hand. The first "project" day in Wilhemsburg in front of Umsonst Laden, they are trying to get some furniture for their traveling ideas; excited about what will happen. Lets follow them.

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