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Friday, September 7, 2007

02 september

Radio days are here again! Spreading around as much as possible...

the project posters have a lot to say when they stand beside "ordinary" posters. the language and the tone of the ordinary one affects the other one and causes a mis-reading of them all.

this one makes the passing one stop for a moment and take the poster and take it home and place it on the refrigerator.

şşşttt, there is a poster left for you around the corner.

happy workers of the project!

andddd when all the posters are placed together and then one effects the other and causes a different narrative then the ones on the street. it looks like an open book, a lot of pages but also it is visible that they are posters. the posters have caused a platform to occur, the platform of the residents to speak by themselves with the help of some questions and with the help of four people coming together in Hamburg. (the wooden corner looks like a sauna)

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