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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

01 september

Please take your time to read the blog that was made from istanbul without being phsically included in the project but being the outsider eye and share your ideas with us!

Transform the minibus to an area of sitting, watching and listening things open to be shared.

Irit Rogoff says; "In what way then does it enable us to think of 'audience' when we think of being as meaning and of ourselves as the circulation of meaning. Surely this enables us to somewhat diminish the object / viewer dichotomy we have been labouring with and to begin to think of the ways in which meaning circulates. After all "there is no meaning if meaning is not shared".

Irit Rogoff continues; "To speak of collectivities is to de-nativise community, to argue it away from the numerous essential roots of place and race and kinship structures that have for so long been the glue that has held it together."

hope that we have a link to the music soon, it sounds great; covers a lot from the whole process..

A welcoming carpet for the blog!

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